Seniors can Keep Possessions Safe with Storage Units


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If you're a family caregiver for an elderly parent or relative, you might frequently wonder about what to do with all the stuff your loved one owns. When the senior in your life is not yet ready to part with their possessions, you might want to consider getting a storage unit.

Depending on where you live, there might be many storage companies available that can help your senior declutter. These places are used to competing with each other, so you may get the best deal by looking at special offers or talking to a few of the companies you like the best.

When evaluating one or a few storage units look at:

  • Price

  • Size

  • Security

  • Commitment needed

  • Climate control

  • Accessibility

Some of these things may be more or less important depending on what is going into the storage locker. For example, you could get a lower priced unit if none of the items are valuable and less security is needed. Smaller sizes obviously cost less along with units that don't need to be climate controlled.

A 5ft x 10ft unit might cost around $35-$50 monthly when not climate controlled, $60-$80 when climate controlled and at least $120 with other options like additional security. A 10ft x 30ft space could cost $175 or more when not climate controlled and $350 or more when climate controlled.

Depending on factors like budget and the amount of stuff you need to store for a loved one, it might make the most sense to share a storage unit. An elderly person and their children may each pay a portion of the cost in exchange for putting miscellaneous items in the unit.

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